Permission CD
Permission CD
ensemble director
Artwork by Judy Seidel, Artist 
Photos of Molly and Web Design by Irene Young

Molly Holm is an unconventional singer and composer who blends jazz, improvisation, and North Indian Raga, reflecting her studies with master vocalist Pandit Pran Nath. For more than eight years, Molly was a key member of Bobby McFerrin's original Voicestra, a group that toured internationally with numerous television appearances and recordings. She has also performed with minimalist composer Terry Riley (Khayal); tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain (Rapt, No Strings); choreographer June Watanabe (E.O. 9066); and the avant-garde George Coates Performance Works  (Actual Sho). Molly has been strongly influenced by African-American Roots Music vocalist, Linda Tillery, through collaborations on multiple ensemble projects (Voicestra, SoVoSó, Vocal Front, Jukebox). More recently, her compositions for Marcus Gardleyʼs multi-racial plays, Love is A Dream House in Lorin and This World In a Woman's Hands, garnered outstanding reviews. Other credits include writing the lyrics to saxophonist George Brooks' composition, The Light Never Leaves Your Eyes, which Molly recorded on his CD, Night Spinner.


Molly's solo CD, Permission—produced by pianist/arranger Frank Martin is infused with the creative talents of drummer Famoudou Don Moye, saxophonist Larry Schneider, and bassist Jeff Chambers, as well as special guests Wayne Wallace, Bill Bell, Eddie Marshall, Deszon Claiborne, Marc van Wageningen, Paul van Wageningen, Antonia Minnecola and David Frazier. See press release