Vocal Jazz Workshop

Wednesday Nights:  6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: North Berkeley
Cost: $55 per class
Small class size: limited to 10 students

This is an invigorating and playful singing class. Each week is different and students noticeably improve their vocal production and musicianship. Everyone has a great time, whether doing exercises, improvising or learning new songs.

Any given class may include:
  •    Voice technique
  •    Body warm-ups 
             (based on Tai Chi and Qi Gong)
  •    Circle singing
  •    Improvisation & scat singing
  •    Jazz standards
  •    Song forms, harmonies, scales & modes
  •    Rhythmic patterns:
               jazz syncopations
  •   Periods of uncontrollable laughter

Prerequisite: the ability to sing in tune. 
Intermediate singers and those new to jazz are welcome.

"I didn’t set out to be a jazz performer, I just wanted
to sing on a regular basis. This class has improved the way I sound, and each session is unique. Most of all, we have fun while we gain an understanding of the jazz idiom. Molly is a dynamic and engaging teacher and the class is the highlight of my week."
       Meryl Natchez, author

Instruction in Voice, Piano, and Composition

Molly loves to teach and has been a dedicated teacher for over 30 years. She has a tremendous amount of patience and loves observing and investigating how people learn. Studying music requires practice and discipline, and there is often an indefinable, magical leap that occurs in the learning process. Molly draws upon her knowledge, experience, intuition and creativity to figure out how that leap might happen for each student. Starting at the level each student demonstrates, Molly helps define individual goals and encourages taking the risks needed to achieve those goals. Her rigorous standards and infectious enthusiasm are reflected in the quality of students who study with her, as well as those students who have gone on to become established performers.

“The unique thing I find studying with Molly is that she has clear standards. She is always lifting me up to the highest level I can achieve; not only is that inspiring, 
I have also been able to integrate those values into my own process.”
     Renée Benmeleh, 
FLUX, Vocal Jazz 
Improvisation Ensemble

This unique class explores the boundaries of vocal ensemble through an array of improvisational exercises and jazz tunes. Voice technique, ensemble blend and balance, jazz rhythms, song forms, and scat singing are integral to this exploration. Students also gain a sense of personal and creative freedom. Culminates in an evening class performance. 
Prerequisites: Ability to sing in tune. 
Advised: An adventurous spirit.
ensemble director

For further inquiries about taking classes or scheduling private lessons 
with Molly Holm, please call and leave a voice mail message at 510.528.7109 
Formerly at Mills College: VOCAL ENSEMBLES