Night Spinner
George Brooks, saxophonist/composer (1999). Featured soloist and lyricist for George Brooks' composition "The Light Never Leaves Your Eyes," dedicated to Pandit Pran Nath. Recorded with George Brooks, saxophone; Zakir Hussain, tablas; David Belove, bass; Jack Perla, piano; David Rokeach, drums.

Medicine Music
Bobby McFerrin, vocalist/composer (1995). Recorded with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra.

Skin Talk
Carolyn Brandy, percussionist/composer (1995). Co-produced by John Santos and Wayne Wallace. Molly Holm is a featured singer on two tracks: "Skin Talk" and "Odie" along with Melanie Rath, Joey Blake, and Dave Worm.

Tellus 26, Jewel Box
Bun Ching Lam, composer (1992). Music for June Watanabe's choreographed dance piece "E.O. 9066." Featured on a compilation CD of women composers produced by Harvestworks, edited by Brian Karl. Live and sampled vocals, recorded as a vocal quartet with Raz Kennedy, Dave Worm, and Christine Madley, and performed with movement in the original and early productions of E.O. 9066.

Toward Home
Rhiannon, vocalist/composer (1991). Recorded with Voicestra on the track "Say A Prayer" (arrangement by Frank Martin).

Common Threads
Stories from the Quilt (Film Sound Track, 1989). Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and Emmy Award for Best Original Score by Bobby McFerrin. Produced and Directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, music by Bobby McFerrin. Recorded with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra.

Poco Loco
(Film Sound Track, 2003). Film produced by Ellen Osborne, Deborah Koons and Jerry Garcia; directed by Debra Koons Garcia. Recorded with Linda Tillery and one other singer.

ensemble director
Featured Artists:
   • Drummer Famoudou Don Moye
   • Saxophonist Larry Schneider
   • Bassist Jeff Chambers
   • Pianist/Arranger Frank Martin

Special Guests:
   • Wayne Wallace (trombone)
   • Bill Bell (piano)
   • Eddie Marshall (drums)
   • Deszon Claiborne (drum)
   • Marc van Wageningen (electric bass)
   • Paul van Wageningen (drums)
   • Antonia Minnecola (parhant, improvised North Indian vocal percussion) 
   • David Frazier (percussion)
Molly Holm's debut solo CD (released February, 2013 on Rinny Zin Records), produced by pianist/arranger Frank Martin. This CD showcases five of Molly's original compositions. One of those tracks, "The Bear" (produced by Molly Holm), is a intricately harmonized a cappella piece performed by ten Bay Area singers, including Linda Tillery, Rhiannon, Raz Kennedy, and Nicolas Bearde--some of the key singers who, like Molly, sang in Bobby McFerrin's original Voicestra. Also highlighted are compelling odd-metered arrangements by Frank Martin and a wealth of five-star jazz artists.